• #AristocrazyValentine Sounds Like Love
  • #AristocrazyValentine Sounds Like Love


    A whisper. A heartbeat. A song. An ‘I love you’. … This #AristocrazyValentine, is when sounds are more romantic; and the most meaningful ones, turn into the most special jewels.

    Because… If you had to define the sound of love, which would that be? Maybe the sound of an ‘I love you’? This year, you can find that sound turned into a jewel: the sound is reflected in a sound wave, becoming the iconic and irreverent ‘Beat’ pendant in Sterling Silver, bathed in Yellow Gold and White Topaz. It’s the perfect jewel for the most intense and passionate love stories. Or maybe you prefer the sound of two intertwined hearts, like the ones you can find in our ‘Soul Mate’ jewels, made of Silver and Silver plated in Rose Gold.

    A surprise dinner, an aimless walk through the city or a candlelight toast are perfect occasions to wear your limited edition #AristocrazyValentine jewellery. Because Valentine’s Day is time to celebrate love and live unique moments next to a special person.

    Your soundtrack – Share with us your special love song and participate in the contest we have prepared for you this Valentine’s Day. You can win one of the three ‘Soul Mate’ pendants that we are giving away! In addition, we will include your love song to our playlist in Spotify #SoundsLikeLove.

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