• Miracles, limited collection

    Love stories are universal, individual, cultural… we all have a love story to tell. This has been the inspiration for the limited collection Miracles, three interchangable jewels that narrate love stories from around the world.

    To go with the jewels, we have designed, for the first time ever, a limited packaging and scarf inspired on the collection. With the purchase of any of the three jewels, get this exclusive edition, only until February 14th.



    The first jewel is the 18k gold plated sterling silver lantern pendant with white topazs. This piece hides the story of Tanabata, a Japanese festivity that takes place the 7th day of the 7th month according to the lunar calendar.

    Story goes that the spinner princess, Orihime, and the shepperd Hikoboshi, due to their passionate love, neglected their chores. The king of the sky, and Orihime’s father, punished them to live on different corners of the celestial kingdom. Separated by the Milky Way, they were only allowed to see each other on the 7th day of the 7th month, when the magpies created a bridge so they could cross the river.

    The lantern, associated with the festivity that celebrates the reencounter of the lovers, spells on its sides the word LOVE, and has the Japanese inscription of Tanabata.


    The heart with multicoloured saphires represents eastern quintessential love story, Cupid. Son of Aphrodite (goddess of beauty) and Apollo (god of war), he was abandoned in the forest and raised by wild beasts. Time went by and one day his mother gifted him with two kind of arrows for his arc: golden and lead. While the gold arrows granted love, the lead ones where destined to cause oblivion. No one can escape the power of Cupid, not event the inmotal gods are immune to his wounds.

    The 18k yellow gold plated sterling silver heart pendant has the inscription of the latin letters for gold, Au, as well as Cupid’s arrow. The saphires that decorate the other side are meant to provide peace, joy, wisdom and fidelity in love.

    Finally, to join both stories in a single piece, the medallion symbolizes the universality of love with the constallation of the Japanes myth and a western heart.


    Get your #AristacrozayMiracle!


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