• Malaché
  • Malaché

    Origin, green and soul. Those are the three words that describe the new #AristocrazyTrendy collection, Malaché. Based on the circumference, the collection seeks to express the wholesome of objects and freedom. Becoming the keeper of the secret soul of what we believe to be inanimate.

    We introduce a new gemstone never used before in one of our collections, malachite. This stone is named after the Greek work malaché referring to its intense and characteristic green colour. A monochromatic stone full of nuances. Due to how it’s formed, in stalactites, the stone presents concentric shapes that takes us on a journey of twisted lines and different hues of green.

    It’s believed that malachite brings positivity and detaches the negative energies from our lives. Its grand symbolic and spiritual weight makes it the perfect safe keeper for the secret essence of what’s around us.

    Combining the malachite with sterling silver and an 18k coat of gold, the rings, earrings, necklaces and piercings are accompanied by small what topazes that bring light to the jewels.

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