• Meet the young designers from the Aristocrazy Design Bootcamp
  • Meet the young designers from the Aristocrazy Design Bootcamp

    Last week 12 emerging designers attended a unique learning experience with two professors of the London College of Fashion within the context of the first Madrid Design Festival. Under the wing of the MBA in Fashion Artefacts professors, the designers where challenged to use leather to build an artefact that enabled them to carry an object, but not any kind of object, but something that kept a symbolic meaning for them, After three days of hard work, the different creative points of view, together with the diverse range of techniques and experiences, resulted in 12 varied artefacts that started with the same premise: jewels, making and the body.

    proceso 1
    proceso 2

    We introduce the 12 designers

    Nuria Altimís

    In love with fashion and jewelry since she was a little girl, she defines her work under the terms quality, creativty and versatility.

    nuria altimis

    Marta Arocena

    Passionate about craftwork due to the hand work, the design and, most importantly, the redesign; and about luxury dueto the self-demanding quality it implies.

    marta arocena

    Julia Barrueco

    An architect in love with design, she gets her inspiration from nature and its interaction with the human body.

    julia barrueco

    Andrea Génova

    Keen on researching and experimenting with new materials to use them in unprecedented ways and test their limits.

    andrea genova

    Teva Guibal

    Creative and a non-conformist, she loves challanges that makes her question herself.

    teva guibal

    Chloé Herrero

    Straight into action, she loves to get her hands dirty, to experiment and to creat. Metalsmith and jeweler, she seeks to create designs that are an extension of the body.

    chloe herrero

    Linar Martín

    In search of a balance between functionality and design. She loves to research on how design han be applied to the human form.

    linar martin

    Deborah Mellado

    In a constant search for challanges, a multidisciplinary artist with a vision about objects that goes further than the norm.

    deborah mellado

    Irene Mintrone

    From a family of metalshiths and artists, design runs through the veins of this young Italian.

    irene mintrone

    Myrian Moreno

    She works in search of the combination of the creativity of visual arts and performance with a focus of women and their femininity.

    myrian moreno

    Laura Perdomo

    Trapped by her passion towards product design, she works on, not only jewelry, but ceramics, furniture and even some experimental projects.

    laura perdomo

    Amparo de Ramón Garrido

    Specialist in the sculpting of gemstones, she fell in love with jewelry while working in the studio. An entrepreneur, she loves to experiment with forms, dimensions and materials.

    amparo de ramon

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