• Our colored stones
  • Our colored stones

    Precious stones give light, color and personality to jewels. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets… a hint of blue, green or black can make something beautiful into something spectacular. Always present in jewelry since ancient times, it’s believe that each stone gives a certain power or benefit to its carrier, this way, they stop being mere material objects and become a spiritual ally.


    Even though its most known version is in intense blue hues, truth is that sapphires come in a great variety of colors. Due to its scarcity, it’s considered one of the most precious gemstones in the world, along with diamonds and emeralds.

    Sapphires symbolize truth and fidelity. They can bring peace and wisdom into our personal relationships and are great protectors against evil.



    This stone is found in jewelry from 4,000 years ago. They’ve been, up until now, one of the most important gemstones in the world. Its name comes from Ancient Roman times, when they thought this mineral could be found in the Isle of Topazos, now San John’s Island.

    Topazes come in a great range of colors and shades, resulting in one of the most versatile gemstones out there. Also, it’s special hardness, enables the chance to give different cuts and shapes to the mineral.



    This magmatic stone is named after the Greek myth of Dionysius. The God of Wine became infatuated by the lady Amethystos. She ran away from the God and Goddess Artemis, feeling pity for the girl, decided to turn her into a white stone. Dionysius, humiliated when he realized the consequences of his acts, poured his wine on the rock, dying it in a purple shade, and asking for forgiveness.



    Better known as “The Black Prince’s Ruby” this stone is extremely scared, so it has become very valuable and precious. We use the black variety of the gemstone, giving our jewels a mysterious and elegant presence. It’s believed that this type of minerals has a soothing effect and attract prosperity in every aspect of our lives.


    You will also find malachite, chalcedony or moonstone in our collections. Choose the gemstone that better suits your personality. There’s one for everyone.

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