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  • Zodiac

    Since the beginning of time humans have looked up to the sky. From Babylon to Ancient Rome, we’ve seeked answers among the stars and our personalities aren’t an exception. Under the twelve Zodiac signs we represent the basic personalities of human beings. Represented with the constellation present in that moment in the night sky, the Zodiac has generated interest from babylonic times until now.

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    With strong personalities, Aquarius may seem cold, but they hide a great love for friendship and fraternity. They area altruistic and very sociable, as well as intelligent, clear and logical.



    Calmed and patient, Pisces are sensible people with big sympathy dosages. Very loved by others, they often care more about other people’s problems than their own. More emotional than rational, it’s easy to find a Pisces lost in their day dreams.



    Adventurous by natures, Aries feed on challenges. With great leadership abilities, they are independent beings moved by ambition and their own goals. Full of energy, something that sometimes may make them seem too stubborn.



    Practical and with great will power, Taurus are stable people that trust fully on their leaders. Lovers of peace and tranquillity, they love to live inside a routine, although they don’t let life’s challenges to bring them down.


    Irina Asasia photographed by Gonzalo Machado


    Gemma Pinto photographed by Gonzalo Machado


    Carlota Guerrero photographed by Gonzalo Machado



    Their personality is filled with dualities. Versatile and insincere. Elegant, yet impulsive. Like children, they face new challenges with enthusiasm, but a lack of perseverance makes them fail and leave it uncomplete. They see live like a playground and seek, constantly, the fun in it.



    Their personality is the least clear of all the zodiac signs, from shy to bright and eccentric. Their home is their personal refuge where they can hide in those moments when being sociable isn’t an option. With a strong and determined façade, those who really get to know a Cancer discover someone sensitive and creative.



    The kings. Ambitious and courageous. They don’t doubt when making choices, they are leaders by nature. The pour all their energy in completing their goals. Good, idealists and intelligent, creative and extroverted.



    Observers and patient. They don’t let their feelings unleash and prefer to act with caution. They are discreet and pleasant, with charm and dignity. Logical people, they love to analyse every situation, something that may result in delayed conclusions.


    Lise Amiach photographed by Gonzalo Machado


    Paula Gureta photographed by Gonzalo Machado


    Eider Paskual photographed by Gonzalo Machado



    Lovers of harmony, capable of keeping impartial in a conflict. However, when they make up their mind with an opinion about something, they don’t like to be contradicted. Diplomatic, they try to avoid conflict at all cost.



    With a big emotional energy, Scorpios are tenacious and very sensitive. They have the capacity of becoming a great leader, but they must learn not to be too critical with what’s around them.



    Positive and versatile, they are open minded about new possibilities, they love new projects. Intuitive and well organised, however they sometimes may be too impatient.



    Stable and calmed. They are persistent until they reach their goals. Very demanding yet fair people. Sometimes they may be a bit melancholic, that’s why they need to find a way to channel and control their emotions.

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