• WOW!
  • WOW!

    An ode to what’s striking, eccentric, to aesthetic non-conformism… Limits? There was a decade where they didn’t exist.

    Based in the 80s, the new #AristocrazyFun collection takes the extra-large accessories trend and gives it a unique personality.

    Transporting us to the eighties night-time, where neon and psychedelic lights served as guides towards the lack of control, carelessness and carefreeness, the earrings and rings (of sterling silver with black spinels and plated with 18 kts gold with white topazes) play with daring shapes, big volumes and the characteristic imaginary of certain art movements like pop art and comics.

    A brave and ground-breaking proposal, that brings back the decade that defined a before and after in fashion, art and music.



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