• Le Marais
  • Le Marais

    In between the Parisian rectilinear streets and avenues, sitting at the right of the river Sen, the remains of medieval Paris are hiding, or how it’s commonly known as, “Ancient Paris”. One of the capital’s district with most history, and now, epicentre of fashion and trends, has been the inspiration for the new #AristocrazyWatches. Its name, Le Marais.

    Paris seems to be constructed with a protractor, but, without a doubt, the façades of the colourful and provocative Le Marais could be considered the peak of right angles. Its windows, doors, displays… everything sets off the same shape, the square.

    Elegant, simple and clean, the geometry of this quarter is reflected in the dial of our new watch. A play of lines and diagonals that is headed by Roman numbers, key in classic French watchmaking.

    As the district of Le Marais demonstrates, vintage charm can coincide and nourish from modern functionality. Like the Centre Pompidou, with is abstract and industrial façade in the classic Paris, the new watches unite avant-garde watch technology with the purest of French style.

    C’est magnifique!

    le marais-cobalto

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