• Mémoire
  • Mémoire

    They say that what happens during our childhood marks us forever. What we live during this short period of our lives create attitudes and traits that makes us who we are today.

    The importance of memories is something that we don’t often value enough. A path built upon the remains of our past, from when we were children and enjoyed the little things: picking up shells by the seashore, playing with our mothers or posing for a disposable camera.

    If we look back to our childhood we’ll find that they, our mothers, are always present. They are the cornerstone in the complex structure that is our personality. Even before, seeing, smelling or stepping into this world we’ve been with them. They protect us, nourish us and gives us an unconditional love that lasts forever.

    Few things can say to be timeless, to take us back in time. Jewels are the keepers of memories. They allow us to find the path to our past, to longing, to nostalgia.

    Life and its needs may result in bringing us apart from those we love but, like the bird who migrates in search of the sun, memory will always bring us together, back, home.

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