• Equeco
  • Equeco

    There’s no better teacher than our past. To take what has happened to understand today and what the future may hold. The power of the past, of collective memory, of what got lost in the past to come back during the present.

    Is in this search for what’s gone, to give to today’s society of constant changes the elements that persist in time, that are the same to every culture, transcending frontiers; where the new #AristocrazyTrendy collection, Equeco, is born.

    Sterling silver bracelets, ankle bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings plated in rose gold and embellished with precious stones such as white topazes, blue topazes, amethysts and quartzes.

    Equeco is a collection that recovers the essence of our ancestors, abstracts the modernity hidden in the old, and uses the coloured stone to channel the diverse personalities of the beholders.


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