• Pharo
  • Pharo

    Let’s look back to the ocean breeze, the sun glittering on the waves, and those magical buckets that could build castles from sand grains. Let’s date back to summer, but not any one, the summer of our childhood.

    Those heated months where we got lost in time, when hours became minutes and minutes hours. That time when the smallest things filled up the biggest holes, tender childhood, the innocent praise for life.

    Pharo, the new #AristocrazyTrendy collection, is based on those small great treasures, in secret tokens that held immeasurable meaning to us.

    Rings, necklaces and earrings where precious stones like moonstones, sapphires and tourmalines are surrounded by sterling silver plated in 18 kts gold. Delicate jewels for fragile memories of our past, safekeepers and protectors of memory.


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