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  • Fresh

    With the arrival of good weather our bodies ask for sunrays, our spirit seeks nature and our senses long for summer delicacies. It’s the season for snacks by the beach, with a piece of fruit in our hands and, why not, on our neck, wrist or ear.

    To welcome high temperatures we launch Fresh, the #AristocrazyFun collection perfect to always carry with you. Small jewels of the best, freshest fruit, full of vitality and energy. Each one of them has been sculpted by hand by our master sculptors, and they don’t lack a seed of detail.

    A cut up apple, a strawberry, half a pomegranate or a peeled banana. Six pendetifs in gold, sterling silver and rose gold to combine with any of our connectors (necklaces, bracelets or earrings). Create your own combination and make the look that betters adapt to you.

    Choose your favourite fruit and play!


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