• Jeté
  • Jeté

    In eight counts, following the tempo, sliding through the space, flying, drawing with their bodies on the canvas that is the stage. A language, dance. A tool, the body. Every time the dancer moves, their bodies take a journey, make an invisible and fleeting drawing that disappears when the dance step is over.

    The Jeté collection searchs to fill in those spaces, those lines, curves and turns the dancer leaves behind. Completing the void with precious metals that result in an earring collection with twisted and interesting shapes, full of frozen movement.

    cobalto jete
    jete proceso

    Sketched by hand, this #AristocrazyEssentials collection has been inspired by art and have been developed under and sculptural scope, giving great importance to its contorted shapes.

    Seven earrings in Sterling Silver and plated in 18kts gold, with grand volumes that makes them an essential statement jewelry piece.

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