• Jeté, our new collection, and María Pedraza
  • Jeté, our new collection, and María Pedraza

    Movement, dance, the emotion behind every step. All is compiled in the new #AristocrazyEssentials earring collection. Seven sterling silver and plated in 18 carat gold earrings that freeze movement in dynamic curves.

    The actress and ballerina, María Pedraza, Madrid 1996, actress from Money Heist (La Casa de Papel), has been able to perfectly represent the essence of the collection. Inspired by the twisted shapes of the earrings, she has danced to a delicate piano solo, filling with energy an empty space with the only help of her body and her emotions.

    maria pedraza 1

    María in three words: original, ambitious and sensitive.

    And, in three jewels?

    A bracelet that twirls itself to life and lets go without fear.

    An earring, even if you don’t notice it stands by your side, loyal to you.

    A ring, providing life and creativity to not fall in monotony.

    Would you say dance is your passion?

    I’d rather say that dance has been a part of my life, that then became my passion, my routine, my discipline. I’ve grown up with dance and, even though I’m not in fully immersed in it right now, it has always been there. Whenever I’d like to rediscover her she’ll be there. She’s like an old friend that you just know you’ll never loose. That makes you feel things nothing else will. When you miss her, you come back to her, wanting to embrace her and never letting her go.

    It is my passion.

    maria pedraza 2

    Jeté is a collection composed of sculptural earrings inspired in dance steps, could you describe to us what you feel when you dance?

    When I dance I don’t think, I just feel, my body flows without needing to think on each step. Dance is in me and I’m inside her. I feel every part of myself in movement, my mind is in another world, in total harmony.

    And when you act?

    Acting came after dance, but in every dance there’s a part of acting and when acting there’s always a part of dance. They go hand in hand, maybe that’s why I held on to acting as strongly as to dance.

    Performing brings me the option of dreaming with something I’ve wanted to be, feel, have, live… Getting inside the skin of someone else. To empathise with someone that I’d never imagined I would have before and bringing the audience with me.

    A coincidence that became my passion.

    maria pedraza 3

    What link do you see between jewelry and dance?

    A jewel can be expressive like dancing, it can even represent a personality or attitude. It expresses through shapes and movements that visually, when we see them, we connect and flow with the design. Jewels are an expression.

    Could you name some ballet steps that our earrings remind you of?

    The new collection can describe many dance steps, like a pirouette in en dehors a pase, a grand jeté, a rondellam… it depends how you look at it.

    And how do you think jewelry can help our self-expression?

    There objects that bring light, strength, originality, austerity… It’s a way of expressing ourselves through a jewel, of reinforcing what we are o what we want to say without the use of words.

    Some quick questions:

    Gold or silver? On my day to day I usually wear silver, I tend to save gold for special occasions, I love both.

    Diamonds or coloured stones? Coloured stones, they go much better with my personality.

    Minimalism or statement pieces? It depends on the moment.

    And lastly, how would you describe Aristocrazy?

    Creative, original, elegant, risk taker, friendly, sexy…

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