• Atlas
  • Atlas

    A mountain range that goes across Africa’s northwest. Peaks and valleys that get dyed by the red hues of the desert. The sharp mountains have been part of the inspiration for the new earring, necklace and ring collection of #AristocrazyTrendy.

    Simple shapes where details shine with their own light. Small sapphires and green tourmalines embellish the triangles, circles and waning moons from the collection. The coloured stones, set in Sterling Silver plated in 18 carat gold, make the jewels a part of a game of light and reflections, creating almost magical halos.

    Engraved with motives inspired by the latticework from ancient Andalusia and the traditional art from northern Africa, #AristocrazyAtlas takes us to the desert, to the intensity of a ray of light and summer’s heat. A bohemian jewel that follows the latest trends.


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