• Danger Danger, inspired by the legend
  • Danger Danger, inspired by the legend

    Created for strong and confident women. A symbol of strength, protection and fight. Inspired by the legend of Excalibur, the new pendentif from #AristocrazyFun lives under a halo of mystery and magic.

    Forged like a real sword, first the handle was created, followed by the blade, to later combine both in one piece; the design has been worked on by hand and with exquisite craftmanship, build with wax with the concepts acquired by our jewel making heritage.

    Sergio Some, the sculptor behind the creation of this collection, has left a part of him engraved in the cross-dagger. A rock, mysterious and dark touch from his personality is reflected in the curves, lines and volumes of the collection.

    Made with sterling silver and plated in 18kts gold, the jewel is set by hand with white topazes, providing the mystic and magical light proper of the original sword from the tale.


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