• Tummy Game
  • Tummy Game


    There are jewels for our day-to-day, for special occasions, jewels you’ll never take off… There never two which are the same, each collection is different, a small universe in gold, sterling silver or rose gold that play with their shapes, the inspirations behind them or the light that is reflected by the precious stones.

    Jewels inspire, seduce, and form a collection. That’s why we want to reward those who really feel passionate about our rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, but we want to do it in a special way. That’s why we would want to propose you a game.

    The Tummy Game is our way of thanking our clients for choosing us. Tummies are collectable pieces your get with every purchase. Its value increases along with your passion for our jewels. Each time you buy an Aristocrazy jewel in any of our stores or on aristocrazy.com we will gift you with a enamel Tummy.

    How can you get your Tummies?

    1 jewel = 1 enamel Tummy

    5 enamel Tummies = 1 silver Tummy

    2 silver Tummies = 1 gold plated Tummy

    10 gold plated Tummies = 1 gold Tummy

    5 gold Tummies = 1 diamond and gold Tummy

    If you don’t have a store near you we can change your Tummies online. Send us an email to customersupport@aristocrazy.com

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