• Skin Alive, a groundbreaking diamond
  • Skin Alive, a groundbreaking diamond

    They say diamonds are forever, and they aren’t wrong. This resistant, beautiful and precious stones will outlive us, jewels that defy time and remain. An ally to our identity, that helps us express who we are, to talk to others without words. Diamonds tell stories, our stories, that end up becoming theirs.

    These jewels become part of our beings, in constant contact with our skin they revive it, a spark of energy, a nervous ending from our body.  A diamond and you, you and a diamond. Delicate and sophisticated, our latest additions to our diamond collection brings something new, something that breaks standards, something that will help us tell who we are. Who said that a diamond should be classic?


    #AristocrazySkinAlive gives an unexpected twist to the stone. A different concept for rings, earrings and necklaces. More daring, more risk-taking, new piercings to showcase our own identities, our own combination.

    In yellow, rose and white 9 carat gold, the Skin Alive diamonds are your new vital partners. Our rawest feelings are encapsulated in the undeniable glow of the purest diamond.


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