• Goldie, 9 carat beauty
  • Goldie, 9 carat beauty

    Gold for gold. This has been the inspiration behind the latest #AristocrazyEssentials collection. The quintessential precious metal has fascinated us since ancient times. Unalterable, long-lasting and timeless. A jewel made of gold is a lifelong token.

    This immutable characteristic, its capacity to been intact, is something that nowadays, in a world of constant change and nearly immediate actualizations, seems odd. Maybe that’s why the need to bring it back, and explore its qualities, has arisen.

    Here’s where #AristocrazyGoldie is born, a playful and vibrant collection, where small motives take the spotlight. With necklaces, rings, earrings and piercings, we explore the design-wise opportunities gold offers.

    goldie anillos
    goldie piercings

    In 9 carat gold, rose gold and white gold, we play with the shape in sharp, eye-catching designs. Also, we bring new piercings, with a tube closure system and hoops (with 7.40mm, 8.60mm and 10.70mm diametres) with an invisible clap, we can wear the jewels in any part of our ear. Yes, you’ve read right, anywhere. Earlobes, helix, tragus… create your own limitless combination.

    The gold revolution is here, and it has a name.

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