• Lucky Looks, jewels as good luck amulets
  • Lucky Looks, jewels as good luck amulets

    To live the life one desires is a gift. We love to feel protected and to sense a greater force watching over our wellbeing, a powerful energy that can’t be seen, but that we certainly feel. A good way of attracting this energy is by choosing a good luck amulet as a jewel to complete your look. In Aristocrazy we are debuting three new collection inside the Fun universe, for you to experiment with this feeling of protection. Feel the magic of Aristocrazy’s Lucky Looks, everyday jewels that will become in your lucky token and that can be perfectly combined with your style. It’s a jewel collection in the form of amulets that you can’t go without and that will protect you forever: earrings, bracelets, pendentis, necklaces or piercings. Three are the collections that you’ll find in Lucky Looks, all with good luck in common: Bone Lucky, Yo Me Mi and Ina. Discover them, choose your favourite and let the good luck chain continue with #LuckyYou.

    Jewels like good luck symbols in Bone Lucky

    Bone Lucky brings you a collection composed of icons universally recognized as good luck tokens: wings, wish bones, almonds, full circle and peace symbols. Feel more fortunate than ever with the pendentifs and rings of the collection and get to know their meaning:

    • Wish bone: grants wishes to those who own it
    • Peace: universal symbol of peace and a wish for good luck
    • Almond: good luck in friendship and love
    • Circle: constant energy, protection and freedom
    • Wings: symbol of divine protection

    Apart from this special collection, Aristocrazy offers other jewels to complete the look. Symbols that have always been with us like the cross, stars, hearts, or turtles.

    Your initial like a token in the Yo Me Mi collection

    If there’s something that identifies someone’s personality, reinforces our authenticity and character, that’s to wear our initial as a jewel. In the Yo Me Mi collection you can choose to wear it in sterling silver, or plated in 18 carat gold. You are the first letter of your name and, from now on, it’ll be you identity icon.

    yo me mi (1)

    INA and the magical qualities of precious stones

    #AristocrazyLuckyLooks is completed with the Ina collection where coloured stones are the main focus. A colour, a natural stone and you. Bring good luck to you by knowing the symbolism behind each one of them, and choose those that best describes yourself:

    • White topaz: protection
    • Black spinel: balance
    • London blue topaz: good luck
    • Pink quartz: sentimental luck
    • Garnet: professional luck

    Feel how your preoccupations disappear at work, in love, and how your live gets balances when wearing your new coloured stone.

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