• Discover Mitte with Macarena García
  • Discover Mitte with Macarena García


    Inspired in the city that has mastered the art of reinventing itself, the Mitte watches transform the classic lines into modernity icons. A pure line, in the most authentic German style, takes us to Berlin, core of alternative art, urban culture and arguable core of epicentre of Europe.

    Macarena García, Madrid 1988, actress of ‘Holy Camp!’, has followed the handles of these new watches, exploring the districts of Berlin along with photographer Arale Rearte, Barcelona 1995, Berliner at heart. Together they have captured the essence of a city filled with hideouts, going to the most authentic sport of the German capital, where the essence of one of the most transgressive cities in the world can truly be found.

    The 10 new #AristocrazyWatches have based their design in different parts of the city. Macarena has been able to get to know them all, feeling first hand what is behind those extra-thin 36mm cases, the leather straps or the steel or golden bracelets. From Mitte, the quarter that names the collection and homes some of Germany’s most iconic landmarks, to the bansk of the river Spree, where urban artists get together to share and admire art, up to the abandoned Templehoft airport.


    This small ode to the city is recollected in a Berlin city guide, illustrated with the images of the actress during her trip, we want to offer you the experience that inspires these watches that take watchmaking classical elements and give them a modern subtlety and a transgressive vibe.

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