• Quartz watches vs. automatic watches
  • Quartz watches vs. automatic watches

    Dial, bezel, chronos or armix are some of the pieces that create and define a watch, apart from its design. But there’s is an element that gives personality and differentiate one watch from another, movement. With Aristocrazy we’ll discover how force is translated movement into seconds, minutes and hours, a force that affects the handles of the watch and that makes quartz and automatic watches two completely different experiences. The Aristocrazy watches are quartz and we will now reveal what distinguishes them from automatic ones. Alo, we’ll walk through the neighbourhoods that inspired the collections discovering Mitte, the newest addition to the #AristocrazyWatches.

    Find the 5 differences in quartz and automatic watches


    We want our watch to read exactly what hour it is and for it to adapt to our lifestyle. In quartz watches the frequency is regulated by a crystal that reaches the 32,768 hertzs. Automatic watches, however, have a maximun frequency of 5Hz. This makes the mecanisms of quartz watches much more accurate than any automatic watch.


    The biggest difference between both types of watches if the energy that favourse movement and brings the watch to live. A quartz watch comes with a battery that feed a circuit through the vibration of a quartz crystal and this moves the handles of the watch. On the other hand, an automatic one uses kintic energy, from the movements of our wrists. This implies that an automatic watch will cease to work once your not wearing it, being almost compulsary to ajust the hour of the clock with very use. Quartz watches are always ready to go.



    Automatic watches carry a larger number of metallic pieces and their gears are more complex, this results in a superior weight compared to quartz watches, that stand out for being lighter. This also means that quartz watches can be thinner with a lower cost.


    Beauty lays on the eyes of the beholder. However, it’s true that the design of automatic watches reminds us to those classics of watchmaking masters. Quartz watches can be found in modern, versatile designs that complement every look. Quartz also allows that, for a lower price, you can enjoy different functionalities on your watch: chronometer, thin cases, calendars… benefits that in a automatic watch would suppose a considerable price increase.


    The handcrafted process of an automatic watch results in a higher price compared to quartz ones. A difference that may be key factor when deciding which one to get, like some of Aristocrazy’s bestsellers. Another advantage of the price of quartz watches is that it allows you to change your watch seasonally, follow trends and choose the accesory according to your look.

    Mitte and the movement of Japanese quartz

    The Aristocrazy watches are set apart withe the movement of Japanese quartz, water resisten to up to 5 ATM. Your Aristocrazy watch will follow you in all your adventures as it’s resistent to splatters, rain, snow or a dip in the swimming pool.

    The #AristocrazyWatches collection is a walk through the elegance, the trasngression or the mininalism, signs that bring us to the districs of different cities around the world that have inspired the collections. Our trip takes us to Berlin, one of Europe’s most alternative cities and tha has inspired the new Mitte watch.

    See from a different point of view the city of Berlin with a very special travel guide where you’ll find actress Macarena García, accompanied by the Mitte watch, discover the coolest spots of the German capital.


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