• Ear cuffs, the most daring earrings
  • Ear cuffs, the most daring earrings

    If there are a kind of earring that fits with every style, have lived through different eras and adapt to varied occasions, those are the ear cuffs. From punk, going through alternative design, and reaching some avant-garde jewellry, without forgeting the oriental origins from Egypt or India. Aristocrazy reinvents the ear cuffs and turns them into something new. The main feature of this kind of earring is its whimsical shape that embellishes the ear from the earlobe up to the cartilage. We want to show you how this piece of jewellry has evolved, what’s the trend and some of the ear cuffs we have available in our collections.

    Ear Cuffs, modern jewels for women with character

    The 90’s are back in the form of the ear cuffs, giving a renewed look to your casual outfits. Maybe you prefer something more sophisticated for the night time or for special occasions. In Aristocrazy you can find ear cuffs as individual pieces as they aren’t sold as a pair.


    Complete your look with the different types of ear cuffs

    Ear cuffs join the earlobe with the cartilage. However, the evolution of this jewel has resulted in countless designs and versions.

    • Crawling diamonds

    Very similar to the ear cuff, we find the crawler. This earring start from the earlobe and crawl their way up the ear. Give a look to this sterling silver crawlers with white topazs from the Mini Elúa collection.

    The Aristocrazy earrings are unique, like the ones from the Stellar collection. One of its most iconic pieces is a crawler earring with white topas and 80 grey diamonds.

    • Faux piercings

    Another variant of the ear cuff is to wear them exclusively on your cartilage without the need of a hole for it. The faux piercings are usually hoop shaped as they adapt to the shape of your ear in order to embellish it. Wear it with taste like this minimalist piercing.

    Another daring design are the ear cuffs that join at the back of the ear, and invisible union. Under the illusion of wearing multiple piercings, earring like this cartilage piece from the Stellar collection will cause a sensation.

    Enjoy the piercings from Aristocrazy’s collection and choose the ear cuffs that better adapt to your lifestyle.

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