• How to make your diamonds look brand new
  • How to make your diamonds look brand new

    This unshakable and unique jewel that you treasure also requires a series of special cares so it shines as bright as on the first day. Diamonds are delicate jewels that can become eternal. In Aristocrazy we’ve talked with our diamond experts who’ve revealed five keys to maintaining the natural glow to the precious stone. Follow these tips and your diamond will appear like on the first day. and if you want a statement diamond piece have a look to our collection and choose your next treasure.


    1. Diamonds won’t scratch, but can break

    One of diamond’s most notorous characteristics is their resistence to getting scratchs, it’s the toughest mineral according to the Mohs scale. It may seem that they are unbreakable jewels, however, this tenacity against getting scratched and grazed isn’t translated to impacts. If a diamond receives a hard enough blow it can break or fracture.

     2. Stop your diamond getting greasy

    And we aren’t refering to a low fat diet, but to the ability diamonds have to attracting grease and dirt. We use on a daily basis creams, sopas and oils in our hygiene routines. These types of substances can dim the shine of our diamonds, as they don’t allow light to go through the stone. The jewel will loose its shine and light. The best trick is to spare our diamonds a constant contact with these types of substances.

    3. Basic cleaning for your diamond

    Even if we expose very little our diamonds to these kind of external factors it’s necessary to clean the jewel. The most appropiate method to keep your diamonds shining as bright as they can is to use warm water with a few drops of anti-grease detergent and a brush with soft bristles. Ideally, you must leave the diamond sunken for a couple of minutes before scrubbing it. Following these simple steps your diamond jewel will end up perfect, getting its original shine back. You don’t need any other equipment or cleaning devices as they may damage your diamond leaving it opaque and shineless.


    4. Diamonds, one at a time

    We keeping diamonds the most appropiate thin to do is to save them individualy in a separate space, not all together. It’s nearly impossible for them to get scratched byut, if two diamonds are close to each other, it may happen. Try giving them a separate space. And keep an eye on the rest of your jewels because your precious diamond could harm othr stones with less resistance.

    5. Rings and diamonds bracelets, be extra careful

    Aristocrazy’s diamonds are designed to embellish your fingers, wrists, ears and neck. Take a look to our rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces and fall instantly in love. However, note one last tip. The jewels we use on our hands are usually more exposed than earrings or necklaces. The daily use of creams, hygiene products or common tasks can put our rings and bracelets at risk.


    Frosted Leaves and grey diamonds

    If you want to kep update on the latest from our diamond collection and would like to grow your personal collection, get a hold of grey diamonds. Discover Frosted Leaves, the new #AristocrazyEssentials collection with a unique selection of diamonds with a special and rare hue. Grey diamonds are dyed this colour due to the chemical elements that absorb the light when they are being formed underground. This extraordinary origin has inspired Frosted Leaves, resulted in nature-inspired silhouettes where grey diamonds are the main protagonist.

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