• It’s time to celebrate diamonds, #DiamondWeek 2018
  • It’s time to celebrate diamonds, #DiamondWeek 2018

    There’s no other gemstone like diamonds. Nothing can compare. This precious stone needs a ton of stone to create less than half a carat. Underground with extreme temperatures, the creation of a diamond is practically a miracle, one that occurs on Earth’s most remote places.

    The word diamond comes from the Greek term ‘Adamas’ meaning indestructible. There’s nothing, except another diamond, that can scratch this gemstone, making it one of the planet’s hardest and most resistant materials. One of its most characteristic features is its intense shine, magical, that made Ancient Greeks thins of diamonds as fragments of shooting stars fallen from the sky. This halo of mystery and the material scarcity make diamonds the most coveted stones on Earth. They’re unique, none are the same. Each diamond reflects the arduous journey underground to creation, with small incisions that create a perfect imperfection, an unrepeatable beauty, that helps distinguish natual diamonds from imitations and synthetic stones.

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    Not all diamonds are colourless, the range of colour is determined by the GIA scale that goes from the letter D (colourless) to Z (yellow / brown). All #AristocrazyDiamonds are white or extra-white, spanning from the letters D to H.


    The purity and beauty of a diamonds is found in the small imperfections. Due to the conditions the gemstones are created under, its very rare for a diamond to not have internal incisions. This helps us distinguish natural diamonds from imitations and synthetic ones and, also, give each diamond a unique characteristic.


    A diamond of delicate proportions, perfect symmetry and impeccably well-polished will interact better with light, giving a brighter shine and an appearance that makes us comprehend the fascination towards this precious stone.


    A carat is the same as 200 milligrams of weight. A diamond with less than a carat is divided into 100 points, la a dollar cent. To be able to create a stone with less than half a carat there needs to be, at least, one ton of stone, added to the extreme temperatures, what results in an astonishing natural process that occurs sporadically and makes diamonds the most coveted and exclusive precious stones.

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    From the 19th to the 28th of October we celebrate the Diamond Week, a week where diamonds get the attention they deserve. Enjoy of a 10% discount in all our #AristocrazyDiamonds.


    Diamonds are timeless, but that doesn’t mean they are classic. Among our diamonds you can find collections that play with the precious stone, giving it new shapes and uses. In 9 carat gold, discover our piercings, jewels designed for you to create your own combination on your ear. Let your personality shine through the unique spark of a diamond.

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