• Moonlight: Sabiduría y Plenitud
  • Moonlight: Sabiduría y Plenitud

    At this point of the lunar cycle, the moon starts to decrease its size. Recovering that mysterious aura of the start of the cycle, it surrounds itself again with enigmas. However, here we reach the peak of our abilities. Symbol of wisdom and plenitude, it’s time to recollect the fruit of what was seeded.

    Expert and with a positive attitude, the waning moon symbolizes the journey we have to travel ahead, without tie ourselves to the past, but carrying what we’ve learned during the path we’ve already walked.


    An icon among Spanish actors, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (1968, Rome) represents this wise and expert woman, mastering her art and with an experience that backs her up. Actress of films such as ‘A Walk on the Clouds’, ‘Volavérunt’ and ‘The Machinist’ she wears like no one else the golden jewels from our Orbe and Miké collections.

    Gold, as the most noble material, embellished with a baroque pearl, with organic shapes, the voluminous jewels of Miké let nature take its course with special and unique silhouettes. There no two the same.

    luna menguante aitana sanchez-gijonl aristocrazy


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