• Moonlight: Creativity and Energy
  • Moonlight: Creativity and Energy

    During 13 days of the lunar cycle, the celestial body can be seen with an inverted C shape. A concave curve that represents the arrival of the moon to a 90-degree angle in relation to the sun and the Earth. This is the waxing moon, the first quarter.

    It’s the time to be receptive, creative and joyful. When the energy is high, and feelings thrust us physically and socially, driving us to the creation of something new. An extroverted impulse that takes us out of our comfort zone and makes us try what’s different, that maybe before we thought weren’t for us.

    Be yourself, search your own identity, try some colour, try the unconventional and break some rules.


    One of the actresses of the moment, María Pedraza (1996, Madrid), has given her face to the second lunar phase. With her untannable curls and her intense blue eyes daring the camera, María goes for an unusual look, wearing two hoops of our Urban Lines collection on the same earlobe and with a touch of colour with the precious stones from Elúa and Mini Elúa.

    A clear example of how our jewels are versatile and fit for you, however you are. You just need to dare, be creative and not afraid to try.

    luna creciente maria pedraza aristocrazy


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