• Moonlight: Purity and Vitality
  • Moonlight: Purity and Vitality

    When the sun, Earth and the moon align, no light is reflected on the night satellite. Dark and invisible to our eye, it may seem that there are times when the moon abandons us. But it isn’t like that.

    The new moon symbolizes new beginnings, the start of everything, the launch of a new cycle. For eight days we see how the moon slowly appears in the sky, smiling at us. It’s the moment to anticipate what’s to come, to prepare and meditate about new paths. To clean the slate and start over.

    Filled with energy, it’s the perfect occasion to ask for forgiveness, to close negative chapters and stat over with a positive point of view, always positive.


    Our New Moon is young Spanish actress Sandra Escacena (2001, Madrid). Nominated for a Goya award for her role on Paco Plaza’s ‘Verónica’, it’s one of the new faces with the largest potential on the cinematographic Spanish scene.

    The is the one to personify the phase of the moon full of mystery, uncertainty, but also of excitement and energy. Wearing an earring from our Voé collection, a white topaz spiral that recollect the four phases of the moon in a path that ends in the intense blue of the lapis lazuli.

    luna nueva sandra escacena aristocrazy


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