• Moonlight: Strength and Spirituality
  • Moonlight: Strength and Spirituality

    For three days every month, the moon shines brighter. Illumination the sky, the queen of the night shows herself fully. A perfect circle, white and with the purest shine, she guides and seduce us.

    Full, yet mysterious, the full moon es a spiritual symbol that takes us away and elevates us. A rain of silver light that embellishes the shadows and catches our gaze. Who hasn’t been astonished by the celestial body in all its splendour?


    This known face of the Spanish cinematic scene has channelled the strength, energy and spirituality of this phase of the lunar cycle. Silvia Abascal (1979, Madrid) uses the quintessential precious stone, the diamond, as a part of this lunar special shine.

    The diamond, with its spectacular brightness, was once believed to come from the sky, as fragments of fallen stars. What better than this gemstone to illuminate our features and elevate our looks as if it were the moon.  

    luna llena silvia abascal aristocrazy


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