• Moonlight
  • Moonlight


    The moon, that heavenly body that accompanies us, watches over the nights of our journey around the sun. Queen of the night sky and muse of great stories. It illuminates darkness and embellishes the night. With its silver halo it protects us, and its visible face tells our story. Life’s story, the phases of the human cycle, a tale full of mystery, of light and shadows, of hidden beauty that we encounter along the way.

    The moon and its light, a reflection of our body in the sky, always linked with womanhood and femininity. It affects and influence us, change us and guide us. Women and the moon, the moon and women, the two parts of a whole, the unbreakable connexion of all of us with nature.


    Life is filled with small great moments, milestones that we group together and see as a whole. Brushstrokes that, united, create the painting of an era. The tetralogy of a lifetime is reflected in the sky, at night-time, as the moon foresees how our existence will develop and states the great link that exists among all of us. Young, adult, mature or unexperienced, all of us women are connected under the silver light of the moon.

    Either because we’ve lived a phase, or we see in the other the reflection of what’s to come. Women can look to the night sky in the unison stated by the moon and its phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon and third quarter.

    The purity and vitality of the new beginnings. The lapis lazuli of the Voé collection initiates us in a journey through the night sky, the reflection of the shine of white topazes and the phases of the moon.

    Sandra Escacena Aristocrazy
    Maria Pedraza Aristocrazy

    Energy and creativity, the colour and vitality of precious stones, the creation of personal looks. Two hoops on the same earlobe? Why not?

    The strength and mystery of diamonds, eternal and spiritual jewels with the purest shine among all precious stones.

    Silvia Abascal Aristocrazy
    Aitana Sanchez Gijon Aristocrazy

    Wisdom and plenitude. Gold as the most noble material, the pearl on its natural form, without manipulations, an organic shape, just like nature created it embellished with asymmetric and voluminous silhouettes.


    Spanish actresses Sandra Escacena (Verónica, 2017), María Pedraza (Money Heist, 2017-18; Élite, 2018), Silvia Abascal (Ma ma, 2015) and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (A Walk in the Clouds, 1995; The Machinist, 2004) represent the essence of each of the four phases of the moon. With simple lighting and wearing jewels from our Fun, Trendy, Essentials and Diamonds collections, #AristocrazyMoonlight explores the link the moon creates among women.

    Winter’s solstice and the mystery of the night join us in the celebration of women, of nature and of intergenerational synergies, in a dance to sisterhood, love and respect.

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