• Animal-inspired jewels
  • Animal-inspired jewels

    To express your grandiosity and power, or to feel protected by what they symbolize. The animal-inspired jewellry has always been present, but now it has comeback stronger than ever. Chameleons, eagles, snakes, turtles of hummingbirds… which one do you pick? Choose the ones that better suits you. In Aristocrazy you can find spectacular jewels to wear and give your look that animal touch you’re looking for. But you also have sutil pendentifs for your minimal and intimate looks. Join the animal trend.

    Animals are back with the Savage jewels

    The XXL rings in sterling silver, plated with 18 kt gold from the Savage collection will conquer your fingers: chameleons, crocodiles and eagles show he power of the animal kingdom for you to wear on your looks with personality.

    But if there is an animal that rules over this trend that is the snake as a symbol of eternity, wisdom and passion. Animal print has flooded clothing items and also the most exciting jewels. Like the tubogas snake rings that will twist and turn around your finger. Snakes also acquire the shape of a bracelet in sterling silver. It is impossible to not feel powerfl wearing it on your wrist.

    Another icon from Aristocrazy is the ram “Marco Polo” that you’ll find as a 18 kt gold plated ring. A unique piece and true representative of what animal trends in jewellry really is.

    Savage beauty in crocodile and eagle neckalces

    The neck is the place where animal-inspired jewels look more spectacular. From the Savage collection you can find maxi pieces for your most special looks. Like the crocodile necklace in sterling silver plated in 18 kt gold with a 45 centimetre lenght. A piece that talks by itself.

    Another impressing necklace from this collection is the one featuring an eagle. A grand piece which needs nothing else. Wear animals that represent your wildest self along with splendid beauty.

    Animal pendentifs for your mininal looks

    Now it’s the turn for the animals that give this magical, sensitive and lucky touch to your looks, but in small sizes. Perfecto for your minimal outfits.

    The pendentifs from Little Savage give you a selective sample of animal-inspired pendants of bees, turtles or hummingbirds in sterling silver and plated in 18 kt gold The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world, but also the one that flaps its wings at a faster rate. Wear the jewels that’ll make you feel magical and different.

    In Lucky Looks you’ll also find a sutil hint to the animal kingdom in the white topazes lucky wings.

    The fragility of the dragonfly on your bracelets, necklaces and earrings in sterling silver plated in 18 kts gold.

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