• Be the queen of your own heart
  • Be the queen of your own heart

    February has commenced, and the quintessential lover’s day is nearly here. Dedicated to couples, romantic love and affection, we ask ourselves, do we celebrate the most important love of them all?

    If there’s someone with whom we are certainly going to share our lives with is ourselves. Self-love is something we easily ignore, paying attention to the search of another to complete us. In Aristocrazy we want to pay homage to us, to make this Valentine’s Day a different kind of celebration where we need no one else.

    We tend to be autocratical, be in search of our own mistakes and wait for our errors. Let’s try and send a message of love, eternal love, to our own persons. We can be the owners of our hearts, queens of our esteem, why don’t we celebrate our individuality. Let’s make of this day for love the start of the romance of our lifetime.

    collares corazones san valentin aristocrazy

    How much time do we dedicate to ourselves?

    How many whims we allow ourselves?

    How much we care for ourselves?

    This Valentine’s Day treat yourself

    Give a romantic icon to your own self, a heart, symbol of passion towards our being. We offer three new hearts, in three different colours, with three precious stones to always carry with you. Pendentifs to combine with our connectors (hoops, bracelets and necklaces). In sterling silver with white topaz, plated in yellow gold with garnet or in rose gold with pink quartz. What does your heart look like?

    pendientes corazones san valentin aristocrazy
    Don’t wait for anyone else, lets be ourselves. This Valentine’s Day it’s our turn to be the owners of our destiny.