During the 14th, 15th and 16th of February, young students selected by an expert committee, will come from arts schools from Tel Aviv, New York, Antwrp and Bilbao to join in the second Aristocrazy Design Bootcamp.

    This initiative from Aristocrazy Affairs searches to co-create and support young, creative, emerging talent. Under the scope of Madrid Design Festival, for three days the course “Soul of Glass” will take place. Dedicated to explore glass with techniques like hand-blowing and hand work.

    Along with Mayice studio, whose essence is to respect the material, its story and functionality; the goal of the program is to know one of the most complex, delicate and magical materials when creating a piece, sculpture or shape. The eight students will have to create a conceptual piece that represents the values of a jewel and the soul of the material.

    During the last half of February, Madrid will become a capital of design, giving a voice to artists, techniques and creations, putting them on the spotlight. That’s why, the artefacts that resulted from last year’s Aristocrazy Design Bootcamp will be showcased on the windows of our Serrano 42 and Gran Vía 26 stores.

    12 pieces where, using leather as the main material, they searched to create and element that, not only adapted itself to the body, but became a vessel for an essence, a concept or a tangible element. Created by twelve young, creative women, the pieces are a reflexion of three days of hard work and applying the techniques taught by the London College of Fashion.


    “A small perfume dropper bottle, symbol of women’s sensuality and femininity, in an artefact that adapts to our clavicle, anatomical area where perfume is applied.”

    Julia Barrueco

    artefacto julia barrueco

    “The skin details, augmented, unashamed and not trying to hide them. Reinforcing aspects like subtility and elegance.”

    Marta Arocena

    artefacto marta arocena

    “The apology to everything that we don’t see or is intangible, but extremely valuable. Oxygen.”

    Núria Altimís

    artefacto nuria altimis

    “Feelings and emotions with a social background where women get empowered. Extolling her in society by redesigning a masculine garment.”

    Amparo de Ramón

    artefacto amparo de ramon

    “Objects design with the goal of containing another that interacts with the body. Symbolizing the way we recharge our energy.”

    Linar Martín

    artefacto linar martin

    “The need to showcase our better self and hide our thoughts and feelings.”

    Chloé Herrero

    artefacto chloe herrero

    “Representing one of the most intimate parts of a woman, but at the same time protecting it with a vessel. Inside it we find our essence, pure, that we only have when we are bor, without the limits that constrain us.”

    Teva Guibal

    artefacto teva guidal

    “A ceramic vase that represents our origin. Adapting to our body to show it with pride and care.”

    Laura Perdomo

    artefacto laura perdono

    “The expiring body, that withers away and dissolves, turning into dust and sand. Past, present and future. Time depends on whose watching and where he stands. A piece that enables us to stop the time that enslaves us.”

    Myriam Moreno

    artefacto myriam moreno

    “The fragility of the human structure. The delicacy of a hand touching the body, protecting and defending it.”

    Irene Mintrone

    artefacto irene mintrone

    “Vessels that are a witness of how the human kind chooses what to hide, embellish or protect from their bodies.”

    Déborah Mellado

    artefacto deborah mellado

    “The timeline, each crease of the skin, each lesson learned. The balance between what’s lived and what experiences leave behind.”

    Andrea Génova

    artefacto andrea genova