• Esoteric or the magic of mystical jewelry
  • Esoteric or the magic of mystical jewelry

    Three new jewelry collections see the light in Aristocrazy: Gothic, Zombieland and Coin. The occult world, magic, good luck and the spiritual energy are at the center of Esoteric. The mystical jewelry, which surrounds the ones who wear them with magnetism and mystery, and which serves as a talisman of good luck. With the new collections of Aristocrazy you will feel that magic that is not seen, that energy brought by the forever symbols made into jewelry. Offer yourself a pendant and perceive the magical symbolism that surrounds these jewels and connects the past with the present. Discover the novelties of Aristocrazy and choose your favorite symbol in the form of jewelry, the one that will fill you with energy, while completing your look.

    Coin, talisman jewelry in the form of coins

    The coins connect us with good luck and with abundance. In Coin, the Aristocrazy’s new collection, you will find your lucky coins in the form of jewelry.

    The forever coins reinvent themselves and find a new meaning. Now you will see them updated with eternal symbols that will give you energy. Choose the talisman pendants by Coin and let yourself be carried away by the influence of these lucky charms.

    The spiritual energy released by Coin’s jewels becomes more evident in the union of the past and the present. Let yourself be captivated by its magnetism and by the elements that come with them: the triangle, the number 7, the stars or the letter ph of the Greek alphabet, known as the golden number. Without forgetting the influence of Ancient Egypt and all its symbolism, such as the beetle of luck.


    Zombieland, the tarot cards which transforms into magic jewels

    The uncertainty of knowing the future and the mystery that surrounds it are present in Zombieland, another of the new collections of Aristocrazy that is part of Esoteric and that connects with the occult world. Zombieland jewelry pieces are gold and silver pendants representing the tarot cards.

    The tarot is made up of 22 cards. Its meaning is interpreted following their order of appearance. Choose your tarot card in the form of a jewel and let yourself be seduced by its spell and its magic. The jewelry in Zombieland incorporate different symbols that represent life in three steps: past, present and future. Which one do you prefer?

    Gothic, mystic pendants with gothic letters

    With Gothic, we speak of mysticism in just three words: Magic, Calm and Pacem (in Latin). In Gothic you will find Gothic letters in rhodium plated sterling silver with topaz. But you will not find all the letters of the alphabet. You can only choose letters to form the words Magic, Calm and Pacem or you can buy the letters independently. This is a bet made by Aristocrazy that consists of designing jewelry in the form of gothic letters to create magic words.

    • Calm. Pendants with letters to give life to calmness. Let yourself be accompanied by these jewels and let the calm come into your life.
    • Magic. Trust magic. Get your complement in the form of jewelry and connect with the magic in nature. You will be surprised by its energy and its magic.
    • Pacem. Peace, the greatest wish of humankind since forever. Attract peace to your life by wearing gothic letters in the form of jewelry.