• COIN, the lucky collection

    COIN, jewelry in the shape of coins

    It is a collection created from historical elements. The pieces have a strong past-future link full of spiritual energy. We introduce a reinvention of coins and we give it different symbologies of luck which makes amulets out of the jewels.

    The idea came from the personnal coin collection of Javier Hernández, sculptor of the firm, who through the art of interventionism wanted to pay tribute to the original work of the artist by working on and redrawing the piece. With different classic coins as a reference, talismans have been created, these having the ability of bringing energy.


    Symbology of the COIN new jewelry collection

    All the jewels of this collection are inspired by symbols of good luck in different cultures.


    The triangle  is the key to geometry. Divine proportions, synthesizes the trinity of being. The number three is universally fundamental. It expresses the spiritual order in the cosmos and in mankind. la clave de la geometría.

    The number 7 is considered a magical number and nowadays, it a lucky one in many Eastern and Western cultures because it is composed of the sacred number 3 and the earthly number 4 thus establishing a bridge between heaven and earth. It is associated with the seven wonders of the world, with the seven forms of art, the seven columns on which Rome was built, symbolizing the perfection represented by the totality of the universe in motion.

    The golden number PH or golden proportion, has many properties and is behind the geometric proportions of nature and art.

    Ancient Egypt, the Beetle seen as a symbolic manifestation of creation, renewal and rebirth. The Beetle protects everyone who carries it, it is an amulet of good luck.

    The Sun has always been a determining factor in the life of Egypt, in creation. It is both creative and destructive; supreme divinity and source of spiritual energy that brings order to the chaos of darkness.

    A selection of medals designed in sterling silver and 18kt gold plated sterling silver, the jewels are also embedded with white topaz, responsible for absorbing bad energies. Let yourself be captivated by its magnetism, and connect with good luck.

    How it has been made