• How many types of diamonds exist?

    A diamond is much more than just a diamond. It is one of the most wanted gems. Aristocrazy celebrates the #DiamondWeek with you and we reveal you which types of diamond exist according to their characteristics.  Each diamond jewel is precious by itself, but also because of the thousands of feelings it inspires.

    A diamond is created deep in the Earth, where the carbon crytallizes and shapes the most precious, brilliant gemstone of all.  You will find as many types of diamonds as forms and colors it has. In Aristocrazy, we handle diamonds with great care. We are backed by years of experience and we are experts in selecting the best natural diamonds. These days we are celebrating the “Diamond Week“, with diamond jewelry desings to suit every taste. Don’t miss this opportunity and take the decisive step: get yourself a diamond, because “It’s not only a diamond”, it is much more.

    Jewels with different types of diamonds for every taste

    The miracle of diamonds occurs underground. After the required time, this miracle will result in a gemstone of different types, depending on its characteristics.

    • According to its form or cut

    When we talk about a diamond’s cut, besides its form, we refer to the quality of its proportions and the final finishing of the jewel. The cut is the characteristic responsible for the sparkle of the jewel. The most common cuts are: brilliant, emeral, princess, oval, heart, radiant or marquise. In Aristocrazy, a lot of our diamond jewels are made in brilliant cut, as this hoop earring with three spikes in white gold of 9 kt and eight diamonds of 0.005 ct in brilliant cut.

    • According to its color

    The perfect diamond is transparent and the range of color is determined by the GIA scale that goes from the letter D (colorless) to Z (yellow/brown). All Aristocrazy diamonds are white or extra-white, spanning from the letters D to H, as this curve ring with 31 diamonds of 0.0029 ct in rhodium-plated white gold and brillitan cut from Les Délicieux collection. But you can also enjoy a marvelous selection of grey diamonds as this large leaves ring with 48 grey diamonds of 0.50 ct from the Frosted Leaves collection. You will fall in love again!

    • Its weight

    The weight of cut gemstones is expressed in carats or “ct” (not to be confused with the unit of purity of gold or “kt”). A carat is equal to 200 miligrams. The weight of a diamond is written in the number of carats and two decimals. For example, the marquise diamond piercing earring in rhodium-plated white gold of 9 kt with 5 diamonds in brilliant cut has 0.0028 ct and a diamond in brilliant cut has 0.014 ct and its purity is ISI.

    • Its purity

    During the process of crystallization, nature leaves small traces in the form of inclusions that don’t affect the beauty of diamonds. A diamond without inclusions has the highest of the qualities. This white gold solitaire of 18 kt with a diamond in 6 prongs of 0.20 ct has a GSV purity and is part of our Diamonds collection.


    Diamond Week, the latest in diamond jewelry

    Diamonds have nothing to do with style, but they do with emotions. You will be able to feel the fascination of wearing the lastest in diamond jewelry. Find your jewel in the trendiest piercings or the most classic solitaires.

    From May 31 to June 9, Aristocrazy celebrates the Diamond Week. Get closer to that dream diamond during these ten unique days and enjoy a 10% off. Discover our diamonds collections and remember that “It’s not only a diamond”, it is much more. It’s time to experience the feeling of wearing a diamond.