Mitte, the journey


Inspired in a city that has perfected the art of reinventing itself, the Mitte watches transform classic lines into modernity icons. In the best German style, the collection takes us to Berlin, epicentre of alternative art, urban culture and Europe’s arguable core.

This small ode to the city is completed with a guide to seven key locations that escape the stereotypical Berlin.  We go deep into the reality of the city, discovering, along with actress Macarena García, the places the photographer Arale Reartes (Berliner at heart) considers the most iconic for locals, the spots that truly breathe the essence of what makes Berlin one of the most transgressive capitals of the world.

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The real Berlin

A city full of secrets, Berlin hides in every corner small artistic paradises. With Macarena García, we’ve visited 7 of the most iconic spots amongs the locals.

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Mitte, elegance in modern doses

The diversity and alternative essence of Berlin is represented in our new collection. A bet on the contrast bewtween what’s classic and what’s new, with simple silhouettes in the purest German style.

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